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Bulk Mailing

Bulk Mailing

Buth nonprofit bulk mailing and Every Door Direct Mail offer a cost savings to ministries who send out mailings.  For many of our customers, we handle entire mailings as a turnkey service.  For other customers, we print the mailpieces, and they finish up the mailings on their own. No matter how you prefer to handle your mailings, we are here to educate you on the options and to steer you toward the solution that best fits your needs.

In order to mail at nonprofit rates, you will first need a Nonprofit Authorization Number issued by the USPS.  More information is available from the USPS at THIS LINK. Depending on the structure of your organization, this can sometimes be a complicated process.  Once you have obtained your Nonprofit Authorization from the USPS, however, it is a permanent determination with no annual maintenance cost.  There is also no cost to apply for the Nonprofit Authorization.

If you plan to have us handle your mailings, then a Nonprofit Authorization Number is all you need.  If you plan to actually handle mail yourself, you will also need to obtain a permit (issued by the Post Office where you plan to mail), and to pay an annual fee (currently $225 per year).

Standard Mail is typically the best option for any mailpiece that is being mailed to a specific list of addresses. Examples would include mailing to new movers to your area, mailing to other churches about an event that you are hosting, or mailing a newsletter updated for a missionary. Standard Mail requires a minimum of 200 pieces in a mailing, and the savings is typically significant.

EDDM Mail is probably one of the best ideas that the USPS has introduced in recent years.  The USPS has done their best to develop an easy-to-use process to enable end users to handle their own local mailings. For churches and ministries, even greater savings can be had by mailing EDDM at nonprofit rates.  See our EDDM Mailings page for more helpful information.



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