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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you use my print-ready design files?
We can print using customer-supplied files, and the cost is typically lower than our standard products that include all needed design work. Please contact us with your specifications and we would be happy to quote your job for you.

Can you handle printing for other businesses?
We can do both printing and design work for personal projects and for other businesses that you may be involved in. These are typically handled through our sister company, Minuteman Press of Stroudsburg.

Do you design websites?
We do not offer web design services at this time.

If you design a theme for me, will other churches also be able to use it?
Generally speaking, yes. One of the ways that we keep our prices low is by producing multiple prints of many of the designs that we do. However, exclusive licensing of your design is available for an additional fee.

What happens if we begin a project with you and then choose not to complete it?
We typically start every project with the expectation that we will finish the design and printing, then bill the entire job at once. If a project is not approved for printing within 30 days of the proof being sent, we then bill just for the actual design time spent on the project. The customer is free to use the artwork as they see fit once the design fee is paid.

What shipping methods do you use?
Most of our products ship via UPS. Tracking information is generally available on request.

Can you print and ship to missionaries?
Printing and shipping to the continental US is never a problem. We have some missionaries who will pick up their printing when they are in the States and then take it with them when they travel back to the field. We can also ship some products in USPS Priority Flat Rate Boxes at international flat rates. Please contact us with your needs.



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